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Some Remain, a large photograph of mine, was selected to be included in a show at La Sala de Galisteo at the Galisteo Art Center, near Santa Fe.  The theme of the show is Under the Influence.  Each artist was asked to write something about what had influenced their work.  This was my contribution:

When I was eighteen I was gobsmacked by the black Goyas in the Prado.  My art training was in a precise, cool direction and for years I didn't know how to portray the truth that Goya had shown me  When I finally got so old that I didn't care anymore about acceptance, it became more possible.

I saw my first Beckett pllay when I was 22.  I didn't know anything could get so close to the hard reality of my life and be funny at the same time.  Again, I had to get really old before I could figure out how to make anything I thought maybe came close.

I lived in the same house as my aunt until I moved away from home when I was 16.  She suffered from the torments of severe psychotic schizophrenia.  Her bleakness and threat isolated me and my family.  It's probably good training for an artist to be isolated although I didn't much like it at the time.


Vasari21, an online art magazine, mentioned the current show in its latest newletter.  A few years ago it published an article about me in the column called Under the Radar. I am also mentioned in the same issue in its section called The Lives of the Artists.  Here is a link to the site: and thelivesofthearists/


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